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Oxford shirts

Oxford shirt by NN07


The Sixten is not just another oxford shirt for us. It is THE oxford shirt. It sounds a bit disturbing when we say it out loud - when we tell the story of how the Sixten was born. But truth be told we’d rather spend one year too much perfecting the product and everything around it, until we simply can’t find of anything else to improve. Just to name a few things, we used real Mother of Pearl buttons, and we went through countless versions of the silk wrapping paper, until we found one where the sound (we know) was just right. Because in the end, it’s the little things that make the difference.

Oxford fabric

Even though the name of the fabric is Oxford, the fabric has its roots in Scotland, just like our Autumn & Winter 2017 campaign. In the 19th century the fabric, a basket-weave patternthat combines two yarns woven lengthwise against a heavier yarn crosswise, was madein the fabric mills in Scotland. It was then given the name of the British university Oxford.Both Yale and Harvard has given names to fabrics as well, though they are not in use anymore.


“When a new style is born, we try to put as much effort into the style, for it to succeed in the real world. Call us curling parents, but we actually care how we wrap our products.”